Southern 4x4 Club

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About Us

The club is open to anyone who has a 4wd vehicle and the appropriate safety and recovery equipment. You can get more details on these requirements by attending one of our club meetings. By becoming a member of the club and participating in club trip activities, you will gain access to places where private individuals may have difficulty getting a booking or permission to go.
Club fees for the 2015 / 2016 financial year was $70.00 per vehicle/family.
To be eligible for club membership you will need to attend 3 club meetings and have participated in four club trips, that includes two overnight camp outs. Our club normally meets monthly, on the 3rd Wednesday of the Month at the Byards Community Centre, Byards Rd, Happy valley.

For more information you might also like to visit our Facebook page, where you can see more photos from some of our recent club adventures. Or contact any of the following club representatives who would be happy to speak with you about the benefits of becoming a member of the Southern 4x4 Club. 

Vehicle & Equipment requirements
To attend a club trip your vehicle must have the following minimum requirements;
1. Registered and roadworthy
2. Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance
3. Dual range transmission
4. Rated recovery points front and rear

In addition the following equipment is desirable to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable 4wd experience;
1. Snatch strap with appropriate rating to suit your vehicle and rated shackles
2. Good quality shovel
3. Air compressor and tyre pressure gauge
4. UHF / CB radio either in car or hand held
5. Sand Flag
6. Fire extinguisher
7. First aid kit

If you are unsure of your vehicles suitability or capability or if you have any questions in relation to your recovery & safety equipment please feel free to speak with one of our club members as we are happy to provide you with any assistance or information you may need.


The Southern 4x4 Club is Affiliated with the 4wd South Australia , (4wdSA).

Some of the benefits of joining 4WDSA
(1)            Nationally Accredited 4WD Training.
(2)            Competitive Motor Vehicle Insurance Scheme.
(3)            Affiliated Club access to Morgan Quarry.
(4)            Representation to Government both State and Federally.
(5)            Access to the Public Liability Scheme.
(6)            Automatic inclusion to the Volunteers Workers Insurance Scheme.
(7)            Family Friendly Clubs.
(8)            Access to join Club activities.